6 Tips For Selling Your Knit And Crochet Items

Want to make some money with your crafting skills? Here’s what you need to know!

Think About Where You’re Going To Sell

These days, the possibilities are endless. Etsy shops or other online channels, brick and mortar stores, local craft fairs and expos, etc. Each one of these has advantages and disadvantages. Etsy shops are great in that they really do the heavy lifting for you in terms of tech and marketing, but they do eat into your profits. It can be hard to see the fruits of your labor if you’re not selling at a high volume. You could sell your items to a local boutique, and this gives you guaranteed sales and exposure, however, you won’t make as much money per item selling wholesale as you would retail. Local craft fairs are a fun, low-key way to sort of dip your toe into the market. See what people like and are willing to spend on your items! This can be a great first step if you’re not sure where to go.