It’s no secret that you can add coffee grounds to the compost pile with other kitchen scraps and garden waste. In fact, this idea has become so popular, most coffee shops offer their used coffee grounds for free if you ask for them. However, if you add too much coffee to your compost, it may become too acidic. Never fear! We have a list of other genius ways to incorporate coffee grounds into your garden.

Improve Texture Of Soil

By spreading coffee grounds into the soil and raking to incorporate, you’ll be adding much-needed texture and organic content to your garden. Coffee grounds are acidic, therefore they lower the pH of the soil. Most gardens in the Midwest and the Western United States could greatly benefit from coffee grounds in the soil, as these zones have clayey soils which are alkaline and heavy. Sandy soil would benefit from a few coffee grounds as well. If you water your garden with tap water chances are you should be adding more acidity to your garden as well, seeing as tap water is generally alkaline. If you get your soil too acidic, balance it out by adding wood ash or dolomite to the soil.