1. Cut A Slice In The Base

When you finally get your tree home, make sure to cut a one-inch slice off of the bottom of the trunk where the tree was initially cut down. This helps the tree to soak up more water and nutrients.

2. A Can Of Sprite

That’s right! The sugar helps give the tree essential nutrients, and you’ll be surprised to find out that a good drink of Sprite for your tree actually keeps the needles on longer!

3. Location, Location, Location.

This principle is just as true in tree placement as it is in real estate. If you put your tree in direct sunlight or near a baseboard vent, it will dry out. This placement could also be potentially dangerous as it could start a fire! Plan ahead, and clear a spot in a cool, dark place.

4. Use LED lights

LED lights produce less heat and therefore won’t contribute to the drying out of your tree.

5. Humidifier

The bottom line is that your tree is going to dry out and die. The key is to prevent this from happening as long as possible! Even if you have your tree in the perfect spot, and are using LED lights, it never hurts to have a humidifier in the room as well. Let’s face it, you could probably use one for your own health during these chilly winter months!

Do you have any other tree tips? Share in the comments below!