5 Tips For Young Writers

Young writers also need some tips and tricks for staying motivated.

Young people are enthusiastic participants in this great endeavor called writing. Middle and high school students who have found a passion for writing must do so (like many of us adult writers) within the context of their busy lives; between school days, evening homework, and a wide variety of extracurricular activities, it can be hard to find the time to write. Vivien Reis, a video blogger, has some tips for young writers who are motivated but are struggling to write, just like we do as adults.

5 tips for young writers:

  1. Read more and write more. Consider reading your “research” and writing your “practice.”
  2. Have patience. Writing is hard. Set realistic goals for what you can accomplish; sometimes tackling smaller goals will ultimately lead you towards the bigger ones.
  3. Learn how to juggle. Kids are busy, far busier than we might imagine. So it is important to carve out time to write. Look at your schedule and understand where there are opportunities to write. Mapping out a schedule and activities will help you not only get time to write but to also feel less pressure to write.
  4. Make writing friends. Writing friends are people who can relate to your hobby, and will not pass any kind of judgment on why you might spend so much time writing. These writing friends will also be great resources for peer editing and idea generation.
  5. Chill out. There’s plenty of time to write. Take a step back and breathe, knowing that a long writing career lies before you!

Writing is a great way to explore your world and find outlets from the hullaballoo. Best of luck to those young writers out there!