5 Steps To Take Before Bringing Plants Inside For The Winter

The lazy days of summer are over, not just for you, but for your plants! While both of you may have taken advantage of the warm weather and sunny skies, as autumn approaches, it’s time to consider bringing those houseplants back inside. It’s not as simple as walking out to the porch, grabbing the plant, and placing it back in the living room, however. There are several steps to take to ensure the protection of your plant (and your house)! Here are a few of the best tips in making this important transition.

Timing is Everything

Most houseplants are tropical in nature, and thus they cannot survive long in colder temps. When the temperature dips down below 50 degrees, you should consider bringing the plants back inside. You may want to start this process a few weeks before the temperature drops, as some plants are more fickle than others, and require a bit of an adjustment period. For sensitive plants, we suggest first having them spend the evenings in the house, and the daylight hours back outside, soaking up as much sun as possible. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

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