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5 Signs Your Parents Lived Through The Depression

Those who grew up during The Great Depression are often referred to as The Greatest Generation, and for good reason. The ingenuity, toughness, and resourcefulness exhibited are not so common nowadays. Yet is important for us to look back on what life was like back then in order to appreciate what we have. Some of us may have heard stories about the Depression from our parents or grand parents. If so, you may be familiar with these five concepts.

1. Getting Creative in the Kitchen

Like a lot of other things during the Depression, meat was considered a bit of a luxury. Since it was so expensive, crafty cooks began finding ingredients to substitute for meat, or recipes that didn’t call for meat at all. Beans became a primary source of proteins, and sardines became more popular due to their abundance and inexpensiveness. Other dishes, like Depression cake of the mayonnaise sandwich, became a staple in many homes.

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