Almost everyone has experienced a leg cramp (or fifty) in their lifetime. Sometimes known as a charley horse, leg cramps are a sharp, sudden contraction of the muscle in the calf. In most cases, you can receive immediate relief by gently stretching the muscle. There are a few common and perfectly normal reasons for these kinds of cramps, however, if you continue to get leg cramps on a regular basis, it might be your body telling you there is something else wrong. Keep reading to find out the most common causes of leg cramps and when you should contact your doctor.


The most common cause of leg cramps is simply dehydration. Athletes and exercisers often get leg cramps when they don’t drink enough water, especially in the summer months. Of course, even if you’re not an athlete, you still need to get plenty of water. If you’re experiencing leg cramps, the first thing to do is to make sure you’re getting enough water!