Does This Look Like Your Kitchen? Control The Clutter With These Easy Hacks!

Command Hooks

command hooks
You may have used these stick-on hooks for car keys, hanging towels, or even hanging a whiteboard, but did you know you can use them around the kitchen for so many other things? For example, when storing pots with lids, it can take up a lot of space to store each pot with the matching lid. Instead, save space by stacking the pots inside each other from largest to smallest, and then use command hooks to create custom spots for the lids on the inside of the cupboard door! Another genius use of these command hooks is to place one on either side of your garbage can and loop the garbage bag over the hooks. This way, the bag will never fall down into the can! You can also put hooks up on the inside of the door under the sink and hang up your garbage can to keep it handy and save some space.

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