5 Creepiest Hidden Rooms People Have Found In Their Home

Can you imagine doing a little bit of remodeling on your home only to discover a hidden room, not in the original blueprint?

Can you imagine doing a little bit of remodeling on your home only to discover a hidden room, not in the original blueprint? Or how about finding a secret door in your basement that leads to an underground city? That’s exactly what happened to the people on this list! Go ahead and read about some of the creepiest finds people have stumbled upon in their own homes.

Hidden City

In the 1960s, a turkish man was working on remodeling his basement. He tore down a wall only to find a network of tunnels!

It is believed that this underground city once housed over 20,000 people hiding from religious persecution. It’s one of the largest underground cities, and there are now tours available.

Underground Railroad

A Pennsylvanian woman always thought there was something a little off about the hosue she grew up in. When her parents passed away and left the house to her, she had no idea what she was getting into.

Several decades later, some plumbing issues arose and she needed to dig in the basement. It turns out there was an entire second level below her basement that was a part of the underground railroad.

Panic Room

A man was asked to repair the central air conditioning unit in a house one day. The house was in the process of being remodeled, but nothing was up to code, so they were told to halt progress and wait until they could get a few things fixed, the A/C is one of them.

The man who came to look at the unit discovered a secret room in the attic. He posted a video about it online and showed that the room was carpeted, had a little door to a makeshift toilet, had plugins and cable hookups, and even a few pizza boxes scattered around. After posting the video online, he got several comments about the woman who used to live there – apparently she was living with a man who won the lottery and she killed him for his earnings. The room then, wouldn’t have been away for her to hide out from the police.

Secret Getaway

A Youtuber notice a door with no handle and a random window facing the inside of the building one day. The door with no handle didn’t lead anywhere, and the man wondered what was in the previously unnaccounted for space.

He got a ladder and climbed up. He was able to slide the window open, and he found a bed, boxes of clothes, stuffed toy animals, and other personal belongings. When he asked his landlord about it, the landlord said, “Oh, yeah, I use it sometimes as a little getaway for when my wife kicks me out.” When the Youtuber tried to open the window a few weeks later, he found that it had been boarded up from the inside.

Old Military Bunker

This secret wasn’t found in a home, but it was hidden away! A man stumbled upon an old military bunker in an abandon warehouse. As you can see, things were actually really well preserved!

For more details on these hidden rooms, watch the video below!

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