Don’t Make These 5 Rookie Mistakes In Your Manuscript!

Sometimes it’s just as important to know what NOT to do!

As writers, it can be just as helpful to know what not to do, as it is to get good advice on what we should be doing. In the video below, we learn of the 5 common mistakes that new writers make. Of course, these mistakes are not specific to new writers – even the most talented and experienced writer can fall into these traps. That’s why editing is so important!

The first common mistake is to use too many words in an attempt to describe every single detail of every scene. New writers often place an emphasis on giving the reader every piece of info they need in order to make the scene believable. The thing is, at the end of a good writing session, you may find that you wrote 1600 words on your character getting dressed. In other words, make sure you keep asking yourself, “Is this necessary to move the plot forward?”

The second thing a lot of writers struggle with is voice. No, not your karaoke voice, your writing voice. This one is a little hard to define, but there are two things that impact a writer’s voice – the stories that you tell, and the way that you tell them.

Why is your story unique? What details do you capture that no one else will? Are your characters unique? Is the world your building one-of-a-kind? Is your dialog witty? This takes time and practice to figure out, but once you find your voice, this is what is really going to sell your novels! Go ahead and see what other common mistakes you should avoid in your writing!