5 Surprising Benefits Of Reading

Just in case you need a few more reasons to buy more books…

It’s no secret that we love reading around here. Fantasy, mystery, fiction, thriller, memoir, romance, short stories… you name it, and we’ve probably read at least one book within that genre! Reading is great for many reasons, not only as an enjoyable hobby or as a way to escape the hum-drum of the 9-5, but reading also has many benefits! That’s right. Here are the top 5 surprising benefits of reading:

Lowers Stress

Ok, so this might not be a huge surprise to any avid readers out there. But did you know that just 6 minutes of reading can reduce stress by 60%? This can also slow your heart bead and ease muscle tension. So next time you’re stressed, don’t punch a wall, read a book!

Slow Or Prevent Alzheimer’s

Plenty of studies have shown that mental stimulation can slow the progress of (or possibly prevent) degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. The brain, like other muscles in the body, needs to be active to stay strong. What’s the best way to keep a brain active? Keep it on a steady diet of books!