4 Clever Ways To Use Cornstarch Around The House

Cleaning, skincare, itch relief, cornstarch can do it all.

Cornstarch is typically used as a thickening agent in broths, sauces, and syrups. That is all well and good, but did you know that there are so many more ways to use cornstarch around the house? Cleaning, skincare, itch relief, cornstarch can do it all. Take a look at these ideas below!



For grease and oil stains on clothes, cornstarch is a great pre-treatment that will help lift the stain off of the fabric once it’s washed. Simply apply cornstarch to the stain and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Wipe off the cornstarch and scrub the area with toothpaste (not the gel kind), then let it sit in warm water for a few minutes before tossing it in the washing machine.

For ink stains on clothes, mix cornstarch and milk into a paste and apply it on the stain. Let it dry, then dust off the excess mixture. Repeat if the stain is still there.

Make your own window cleaner by mixing cornstarch and soapy water. This is an incredibly cheap and easy way to get window cleaner! You can also add a teaspoon of cornstarch to store-bought cleaner to enhance its performance.

Do you have an unsightly stain on your carpet? Remove it by sprinkling cornstarch on the area and letting it sit for 20 minutes. Once the stain is absorbed, just vacuum it right up!


Do you struggle with oily skin? Apply some cornstarch with a makeup brush and let it sit for a few moments to soak up the oil on your skin. Then, wash your face and resume your normal makeup routine!

Taking a cornstarch bath can help with irritating rashes. Just mix cornstarch in with warm water and let the itchy area soak for a while. Repeat a few times a day until the rash heals.

Polish/Smooth Surfaces


Cornstarch is surprisingly good at polishing silverware. Just mix a little bit of water in with some cornstarch until a thick paste forms. Apply the paste to the silverware and let it dry. Clean the dried paste with a quality cleaning rag, and see how shiny your silver is!

Do you have a favorite deck of cards that is a little worn and possibly sticky after so many people have handled it? Simply put the cards in a cloth bag along with some cornstarch. Shake it up and then let it sit for a while. Next, take the cards out and dust them off. Now you’re ready to play again, this time without sticky fingerprints all over the cards!

Relief From Bites & Burns


Sunburns are miserable no matter what, but you can get some relief by making a paste of equal parts cornstarch and water and applying it on the burn. After it dries, wash off the paste with lukewarm water.

Cornstarch is useful for other kinds of burns as well. Take one teaspoon cornstarch and one teaspoon of baking soda. Mix them in 2 cups of water. Dip gauze or a clean cloth into the mixture and then apply it to the burned skin. Leave it on for 30 minutes before gently washing the area.

Using cornstarch to treat irritated, itchy skin caused by bug bites is easy. Just mix cold water with cornstarch to make a thick cornstarch paste. Apply it to the bug bite and leave it on for up to 30 minutes to get relief from the itching!

Hair & Beauty Uses


Add a matte finish to your regular, shiny lipstick by applying a coat of lipstick and then lightly dabbing cornstarch on your lips.

Cornstarch also makes for a great, easy, and inexpensive dry shampoo alternative! Just sprinkle cornstarch on your scalp and let it absorb the oil in your hair. Then just brush it out until it fades in with your hair. If you have darker hair you can add cocoa powder to darken the mixture. It works in the same way. Plus, you’ll smell like chocolate. Sounds like a win-win to me.

You can make your own facial mask by mixing one tablespoon of cornstarch, a beaten egg and around a teaspoon of lemon juice until you get a thick paste. Apply it to your skin and leave it on for 15 minutes before washing it off. This mask will leave your skin clean and soft!