3 Pro-Tips For Choosing A Quilt Design

Do you suffer from quilting amnesia?

Do you suffer from quilting amnesia? You know, the phenomenon where once you’ve pieced a quilt and assembled your quilt sandwich, you suddenly forget every quilt design you’ve ever quilted? It’s quite common, and in today’s video from Angela Walters, we’ve got three tips on how to choose the best design for your quilt!

First, you need to look at your blocks. How do you feel about them? Are they all beautiful with perfect points you can be proud of? Or, like Angela says, are they more like kids and pancakes – the first few are a mess, but after that they are perfect? In all seriousness, we’ve got three methods of quilting that you can mix and match to get those creative juices flowing!

If you look at your blocks and you think, “These are all so beautiful!” then you should probably quilt all the blocks the same, so that the design doesn’t distract from your lovely blocks. If, however, some are great and others are a bit… artistic, you can always find creative ways to hide some blocks and highlight others. Another way to create a dynamic quilt even if your blocks aren’t perfect is to quilt a secondary design.

See how all three of these techniques are done in this super helpful video from Angela Walters! Which technique is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!