3 Qualities Every Protagonist MUST Have

Make sure your main character isn’t just a vaguely human shaped shrub.

I know, I know, there will probably be a backlash to this article on the three qualities every main character should have, but rules were meant to be broken, right? In order to break the rules, you must first understand them. So here is one of my new favorite writers who has her own channel on Youtube – Shaelin Writes.

I just love what she has to say about writing – how she writes, what she likes and dislikes in others’ writings, tips for improvement, and of course, a dash of humor and sarcasm. While these three qualities of protagonists have some wiggle room, the one that resonates with me the most is the last one – your protagonist must be active! Or, as Shaelin says in the video below, “Is the plot happening to my character, or is my character making the plot happen?” AKA: could you replace this character with a vaguely human shaped shrub and not really change anything about the story? If so, you might have a problem.

See what the other two qualities are in the video below! Happy writing, friends!