25 Hilarious Kids Who Are Destined For Great Things

We have a lot to learn from the little humans we raise and teach!

Sometimes, as adults, we think we have all the answers. But we have a lot to learn from the little humans we raise and teach.

The great thing about kids is that they’re completely, hilariously themselves without filters. They know what they want, and they aren’t afraid to be honest about what they think and how they feel. They may be small, but their personalities and dreams are huge. You’ll find all the proof you need in the 25 adorable firecrackers below whose futures will only hold great things.

1. Nothing will get in the way of this kid’s ambitions — not even death.

2. Not sure who to worry about more, here — Albert or David.

3. “I am a lawyer, my son told me he had to tell me something, but first wanted me to sign this.”

4. “My old school asked kids in preschool what they wanted to be when they grew up.”

5. “A child left this note in a hotel room I cleaned today. Pretty solid advice.”

6. “My three year old daughter had her teacher write me a letter. Not sure what she’s trying to say.”

7. “So my kid has now realized the full potential of the little recliner we got him.”

8. “Apparently my daughter is going to be a homeless cavewoman when she grows up.”

9. Really, though, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of cute armor-clad dogs?

10. Dr. King is not a fan of the Biebs.

11. “Since my niece could write her name, we have been mailing each other letters,” said the luckiest uncle ever.

12. Eat your heart out, Oscar Mayer!

13. This 8th grader sure has their priorities straight.

14. A true introvert, this kid.

15. Sisters are the worst. Moms, too.

16. Yep, those are definitely all vegetables.

17. Goodness grapeness, Max is well-spoken!

18. “Wife asked students to list life goals. This kid has things figured out!”

19. Someone’s been watching a little too much TV.

20. Rachel deserves better — and she knows it!

21. Nobody can match the brutal honesty of a child.

22. And here we see some absolutely mind-blowing problem-solving skills.

23. We’ve all been there, buddy.

24. “My 7 yr old daughter’s answer to last night’s homework assignment probably isn’t gonna win me any parenting awards, but I got a pretty good laugh out of it.”

25. And she never will.

Children may be a handful, but they definitely keep things interesting. Life wouldn’t be half as fun with these little comedians!

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