25 Hilarious Grandparents Who Keep Life Interesting

These grandparents are a perfect mix of sassy and sweet!

Grandparents are great for a lot of reasons. It might come down to their knowledge of a time before everyone was attached to their iPhones and laptops. Or they’ve collected enough wisdom over the years to deal with day-to-day situations in a way you wouldn’t expect.

But then there are those grandparents who take it the extra mile, like the 25 hilarious grandparents below:

1.) That time grandma acted as security at the ATM.

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2.) A nerdy grandfather who took the Medieval wedding theme way too literally.

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3.) The grandma who gave us the coolest Facebook profile ever

4.) The time Grandpa revealed his true identity.

5.) The grandma who upgraded to Leonardo DiCaprio.

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6.) The most passive-aggressive granddad ever.

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7.) When grandma made a pelican feel ashamed of itself for biting her.

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8.) The grandfather who sent out the most awkward Christmas card ever.

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9.) When her grandson forgot his night clothes, this grandma lent him some of hers.

10.) The grandparents who prioritize how fast they answer the door.

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11.) This grandma who sewed up her grandson’s ripped jeans because she didn’t know it was a fashion trend.

12.) This might be the most grandmotherly gift EVER.

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