Here it is: the ultimate list for anyone looking to get into woodworking. A lot of people think that woodworking is an expensive hobby to have, and don’t get us wrong, it certainly can be, but most of these basic tools can be found at reasonable prices. This essentials list does include several power tools, but a lot of these are your typical measuring devices, levels, and protective gear. Safety is so important! I appreciate that in the video below, Glen from DIY Creators spends the first few minutes going over the most important tools to have: safety equipment. Protecting your eyes, ears, and lungs is the number one priority. This would be a great video to share with anyone thinking about woodworking as a hobby. One viewer calculated the total cost of everything on the list, and totaled the essentials at $800. That can seem like a lot, but as the video mentions, these tools can be picked up here and there, a few at a time.

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