Vaseline has long been a staple in the bathroom cupboard because it’s the best thing for chapped skin and the whole family can use it. But, have you ever tried using Vaseline in other ways? We wish we had known about more of these before as it could have really saved us in a pinch a few times.

We’ve got more than just beauty tips, but also some handy ways to use Vaseline around the house. Here are 14 ingenious uses for Vaseline that you might never have heard of before!

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1. Lip Scrub

Mixed with sugar, Vaseline a hydrating carrier for the mildly abrasive sugar. Rub over lips, then gently wipe off. Just don’t eat it since Vaseline is not meant for human consumption.

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2. Polish Patent Leather Shoes

A little bit of Vaseline adds a lot of shine back to scuffed or scratched patent leather.

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3. Fire Starter

Since Vaseline is a highly refined petroleum by-product, some folks use it as a fire starter. A bit of Vaseline on your kindling can really get a fire going fast.

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4. Highlighter

Marilyn Monroe was famous for her glowing complexion, achieved partially through the heavy-handed application of petroleum-based moisturizers. Greta Garbo is said to have mixed charcoal with

Vaseline for a bit of shine over her eyelids.

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