10 Clever Ways to Reuse Those Old Jeans!

There are so many cool projects to upcycle jeans that have seen better days.

It seems like there are always some jeans in the mending pile, some worth repairing and a few that aren’t. We love the look of denim, but sometimes have trouble finding new projects that can use up those jeans that are beyond repair and maybe don’t fit anyone in the family anymore. Here are 10 ways to reuse those old jeans and give them new life.

Denim Organizers


Make Patches

Take the pockets from a damaged pair of jeans to patch salvageable jeans, perfect for the knees! You could also use a jean pocket to add flair to a sweatshirt or even to cover a stain.


Wall Pockets

This simple trick adds a decorative element to a space while also adding some storage. This is a great solution for things like pencils, brushes, and art supplies that you need to keep close at hand, but out of the way.


Denim Quilting

If you had a lot of jeans that were beyond repair and/or didn’t fit you could make a wonderful denim quilt like in the video below.

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