10 Uses For Baby Powder

Number 7 is so creative!

What is in a name? Well, for baby powder, the name suggests it can really only be used on babies – usually for diaper rash. However, that would be a mistake! There are many amazing uses for baby powder around the house and for your personal hygiene as well. Go ahead and check out the list below for some of the most innovative ideas for baby powder.

Repell Ants

If you’re like many homeowners (or apartment dwellers) ants can be a real problem! These pesky insects are resilient and once you have an infestation, they are difficult to get rid of. The best route is to try and prevent an ant issue from happening in the first place. Baby powder is a great, safe alternative to some of the harsh chemicals found in popular bug repellents. Simply sprinkle some baby powder on the inside and outside of your windows and doors to keep the ants away!