Top 10 Succulent Care Tips

The beginner’s guide to caring for succulents!

If you’re anything like me, you were told that succulents are the absolute easiest plants to care for. So you purchased some cute little succulents, repotted them, enjoyed them for a month, and then watched them each die, one by one. Or maybe your experience wasn’t quite that dramatic, but you still have some dead (or dying) succulents that leave you with a lot of questions. For example, “Am I less nurturing than a desert,” and, “I’ve kept my cat alive for six years, why can’t I grow a succulent?”

While succulents are on the simpler side of plant life, they do still come with their own set of obstacles. Like all plants, they are prone to one thing or another. Did you know that most succulents die from overwatering? Be aware of the signs! Learn how to properly care for your succulents in the video below!