10 Strategies For A Prosperous Garden

You’re only 10 steps away from a beautiful garden!

Gardening brings great joy, but sometimes great frustration. Knowing what to plant and when, how much water it needs, finding the right compost…there’s no “snap of the fingers” method to the practice of gardening. No matter the size of your garden, implementing the right tools and strategies for cultivating that garden will yield you better harvests and much more personal enjoyment from the experience as a whole. Each of these strategies offered in this video (by Plant Abundance) are simple yet highly effective methods that will help even the most humble gardener grow their dream garden.

While it may seem that some people naturally have a green thumb, growing a hearty garden comes down to putting in the work and cultivating your green space. A dream and a plan are all that you need – of course, seeds, mulch, tools, water – but without a dream and a plan, your garden may not flourish in a most desirable way. We think it’s just as important to “cultivate” gardening methods and strategies in order to find what works best for our own gardening adventures. We’ve made a list of strategies below, but for more detailed information, watch this video. Happy planting!

10 Strategies For A Prosperous Garden

Strategy #1: Sheet mulching. Layer up biodegradable material on the ground, then cover it with up to 1-foot of mulch. Scoop a hole into the layer and plant your plants.

Strategy #2: Jump start your garden. Start seeds indoors or in a greenhouse before planting outside.

Strategy #3: Plant perennials. Fruit trees and berry shrubs are great perennials that will yield annual harvests.

Strategy #4: Plant densely. Plant more than what you think you’ll need and plant them close together.

Strategy #5: Fertilize early and often. Plants love nutrients, so stick to a regular schedule of fertilization.

Strategy #6: Water adequately. You want to thoroughly saturate the soil but not flood it. A good mulch will help regulate water absorption.

Strategy #7: Polyculture companion planting. Create a biodiverse system by mixing plants, rather than planting in singular groups.

Strategy #8: Build your soil. This is done through composting, mulch, and believe it or not – mushrooms.

Strategy #9: Plant appropriately. Know your climate zone and plant accordingly.

Strategy #10: Visualize your dream garden. Dream big and grow the garden of your dreams!