10 Questions For Your Next Book Club Meeting

Check out Question #9 in Fiction and Question #6 for Non-Fiction.


1. Discuss the relationship between characters and setting. How does the physical environment reflect the character’s conflicts or attitudes?

2. Examine the roles of the hero and villain in the story. What made them heroic or evil? Was the villain ever relatable? Was the hero ever a villain?

3. How much control did characters have over their own destiny?

4. What themes were brought up in the story?

5. Were there any identifiable patterns? What was significant about these patterns?

6. Identify a particular symbol in the story and discuss its significance.

7. Discuss the plot structure. Did the story maintain a chronological sequence or did it shift? What was the purpose of these shifts?

8. What was the author’s intention? How did he/she achieve this?

9. Did you find the ending satisfying?

10. Would you read more work by this author?