10 Questions For Your Next Book Club Meeting

Check out Question #9 in Fiction and Question #6 for Non-Fiction.

Book clubs give readers a chance to unpack some of the finer points in a work, such as theme, author’s intention, and characterization. Perhaps you’re a seasoned member of a book club and already have a method for facilitating book discussion (if you do, please share some of your questions in the comments). Or maybe your book club is more laid back, but wants to have some decent points of conversation between sips of wine. Discussing a book can be difficult, especially with so many different perspectives to consider.

So…where do you begin a book club discussion? Do you rely on the pre-made questions provided by the publisher or do you come up with your own? Questions certainly don’t need to be overly scholarly or too simple, but ought to be inspirational enough to really get a conversation going. Try to find ways for people to relate to the text and engage in a dialogue…you never know where a question might lead! We’ve come up with a few ideas for discussion topics at your next book club meeting.