Kids Play Tent


Isn’t this the most fun thing ever? Even if you don’t have small kids living in your house anymore, this would be such a fun thing to take out when the grandkids come to play! The best part about this project (aside from the hours of outdoor entertainment) is that this tent collapses foreasy storage! This project may be a little more involved than our last two, but it’s totally worth it! See how to make this collapsable tent right here!

Vertical Cinder Block Planter

Via The Garden Glove

I love this idea! It’s modern, it’s minimal, and it includes succulents, which may be the only plants I can keep alive longer than 2 weeks. You can easily customize this project by spray painting the blocks or using regular paint for a more detailed artwork. Just make sure to spray a layer of sealant over the blocks when everything is dry. Get the full project details here!