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Crochet A Mug Cozy… Or Two! Here Are Six Of Our Favorite Patterns.

We love our coffee, no matter the season. While we often make it at home or the office, it is nice to treat ourselves from time to time by picking it up at our local coffee shops. One of our favorite things to do lately instead of grabbing on of the cardboard sleeves that will be thrown away with the cup when we’re done, is to make our own – so whether we’re picking up a coffee on the go or brewing up a mug of tea at home, we’ll have a cute and comfy cozy to make it extra special!

The Basics

Easy Ribbed Button Cozy

Give your coffee cup a fashionable makeover with these easy-to-make crochet cup warmers. Cute and functional, these warmers create a barrier between your hands and the hot surface of your favorite early morning beverages. This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to create one of these adorable cozies using a 6 millimeter crochet hook, with the option of a button embellishment.

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Travel Mug Sleeves

If you’re looking for a fun little project that’s simple enough for beginners, give this coffee cozy a try! Not only can you personalize it to make it look the way you want, but it’s eco-friendly and you can use it every day! This tutorial from A Crafty House gives us a step by step demonstration of how to make the cute little cozies.

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Got the basics down? We know you do – head to the next page for more fun (and more challenging!) ideas.

The Next Level

Beer Mug Hug

While actually drinking a cold one might not be appropriate at 6am, this cute mug cozy lets us enjoy the experience of sipping our favorite beverage at any time of the day (even though we’re just pretending)! If you’re looking for a quick gift you can whip up in a hurry, look no further – this adorable cozy can be made in a flash! You’ll need two colors of yarn, one for the beer body and the other for the head of foam, a button or two, and some knitting or crochet needles. Check out the quick and easy tutorial from HobbyCraft.

Heart Pocket Cup Cover

This project makes a great gift for that someone special! The first tutorial from Fuad at YARNutopia walks you through a basic coffee cozy, which is perfect on it’s own. If you really want to take this project to the next level, we recommend also watching the second video which breaks down making a heart appliqué and attaching it to the cozy as a pocket. We love the idea of slipping in a gift card to your loved ones favorite coffee or tea shop or stuffing it with chocolate or other goodies! You can find a written tutorial here on Ravelry.

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Ready for a tougher project? Go on to the next page to find even more awesome ideas!

The Challenges

Rainbow Cozy With Kawaii Stars

Looking for a great way to add some color to your day? Try this rainbow cozy! You can adjust the pattern to make it fit any size of cup, and Mio does a great job of taking us through the steps. Check out the following tutorial and see for yourself!

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Cat Mug Cover

By now, we are sure you know how much we love our coffee. And we love making cozies because they make our mugs extra special and personal, and they’re also better for the earth than using cardboard covers! In this tutorial from Enchantelle, we learn how to crochet a cat cup cozy. This cozy is so adorable and would also make a great gift for the cat lover in your life!

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Have you crocheted your own mug cozy? Share your designs in the comments below!

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