How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden


3. Tidy Up the Yard.

Rabbits love to settle down in lawn debris. Clear your garden of any piles of brush, mow the grass, eradicate weeds and cover up any existing burrows, suggests HGTV Gardens.

4. Consider Cages.

It may be worth considering cages for either your plants or the rabbits. You can protect your plants from nibbling by enclosing them with a cylinder of mesh at least three inches from their bases. Alternatively, Hav-a-Hart style traps are a safe & humane way to capture garden critters.

5. Plant a Decoy Garden.

Trick those mischief-makers into eating away from your main vegetable plot by planting what they love in a strategic location, recommends HGTV Gardens. Plant some bunny favorites like beans, peas, parsley or rosemary in a mini garden near your “real” one, but not too close. In combination with other rabbit-deterring tactics, this trick is quite effective in removing intruders from the garden, once and for all.

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