Become a Savvy Traveler With These 14 Tips

We look forward to vacation as a time to relax and let go, but if we’re not prepared, it can quickly turn into a stress fest. Become a savvy traveler and save money, time and loads of stress with these 14 tips.

Learn how to tip.

Not every culture tips for food service, transportation or even luggage assistance, but some tip for things you might not expect! Research tipping culture in the region you’re visiting before you depart, and consider stocking up on a few small bills in the local currency before you arrive.

Invest in good shoes.

No matter where you’re headed, chances are you’ll be on your feet more than normal. It’s crucial to have shoes that are comfortable and supportive, and it’s worth it to invest in a reliable pair before you depart. Blisters at the Colosseum would be no fun.

Drink water!

Jet lag can really cramp your style (literally), but staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water will help you avoid the symptoms. It will keep your energy up, prevent you from getting stiff on long flights, and help you fight off those nasty airborne bugs.

Pack a water bottle and dry snacks. Always.

Travel is all about the unexpected, so it’s important to take your health into your own hands. You never know when your flight might get delayed, you’ll lose your way, or the meal options won’t be satisfactory. Always carry portable snacks like nuts, dried fruit or jerky, as well as a full water bottle (carry it empty through security, then fill at a convenient drinking fountain). Avoiding jacked-up airport prices is never a bad thing either.