You’ve Got To Try This Hairpin Lace Scarf…It’s So Pretty!

This scarf is the perfect balance of simplicity and beauty.

We are quite obviously always on the look out for new, fun, beautiful and also practical projects (it may be a lot to ask, but we are up for the challenge)! While we are not always super successful in our mission, sometimes we hit the jackpot and find a project that is the perfect balance of simplicity and beauty. This is exactly the case with this gorgeous hairpin lace scarf!

Check out the following video tutorial from Donna at Naztazia, where you will also learn how to make your own hairpin lace loom using knitting needles and cardboard tubes. (We’re not kidding!)

So what are you waiting for? It is time for you to give it a try for yourself! And remember to share photos of your finished project with us! You know we absolutely LOVE to see what you have made!