We love writing prompts. They’re extremely helpful when it comes to sparking the idea for our next story. It’s easy to get into the habit of writing the same types of stories, but when someone prompts us to do something different, creativity blooms anew.

We sent out our “setting” prompt. And the responses you sent in were amazing; full of wonder, intrigue, ghosts, warriors, but above all, THE WATERFALL. We loved reading how your characters interacted with the falling torrents of water and how it affected their relationship with the world.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a response to this prompt! We loved them all but, as always, we can only pick 10. Make sure to share this post and give encouragement to all the winners!

Without further ado…

…we journey into the fog!

10. Finding a resting place

9. A spectre, a phantom…

8. The curious case of Sir Elbert’s castle

7. A broken time machine

6. The wreckage

5. Always watching…

4. Seeking vengeance

3. The dragon of the gorge

2. Woke up this way

1. Surviving the engagement

Thanks to every who shared their writing.

We loved them all!