4 Tried And True Methods For Cutting Perfect Holes

You don’t need expensive tools – just work with what you have!

One reason we love woodworking is that for every problem, there are usually several different solutions. You really don’t need super expensive and heavy machinery or tools – you can typically figure out a way around the issue with what you have on hand. If you’re a weekend woodworker, you understand the frustration of not having the budget for heavy duty tools, and yet the desire to perfect your craft.

Here in this video from Steve Ramsey of Wood Working For Mere Mortals, we learn four different methods for cutting holes in wood. Keep in mind, these might not be your go-to methods – but that’s ok! Sit back and learn something new!

Steve shows us a few different ways to cut holes in wood. Your first thought for cutting holes might be to use a jigsaw. This, of course, is a great way to get holes of any size. However, it is easy to stray from the design and make mistakes. Instead, Steve has a few other tools and methods to check out, including a way to rig up your router to make huge holes, with complete accuracy and perfection!

Go ahead and check out these four methods below! Which one is your favorite?