The Perfect, No Fuss Winter Container Arrangement

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Who doesn’t love festive container arrangements? After tending to your garden day after day in the spring, summer, and fall, winter can be a nice season of rest. If you’re anything like us, however, you still miss reaping the benefits of having a full and lush garden, namely, making beautiful floral arrangements! In this video below, we get a full tutorial on how to make the perfect winter arrangement. The best part about this winter container is that there’s no need to water it, and sunlight doesn’t matter! Let’s take a closer look and see what makes up this particular arrangement.

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This red twig dogwood is so beautiful and perfect for a winter arrangement! It won’t lose it’s color, even after months of being outside in the elements. The key to this arrangement is all in the layering of heights. The red twig dogwood makes up the tallest layer in the container. Followed by spruce and arborvitae. The contrast of the red, bright green, and light yellow green is stunning, don’t you agree? Next comes our favorite holiday branch… the winterberry holly! Finish everything off with some lovely cypress, and you’re all done.

One helpful hint that we learn in the video below, is to leave the soil in your containers when you’re cleaning everything up for the winter. So, when you’re weeding and taking apart your fall container arrangement, go ahead and leave the soil in there. It will harden and act as a great way to hold your winter arrangement! See how everything comes together in the video below!

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