When Crocheting In The Round, Try The Magic Ring!

Have you tried using the Magic Ring? Are you on the other side of your computer blankly blinking your eyes at me wondering what on earth I could be talking about?

If you have been crocheting for years, than that probably is not you, but if you are still new, then have no fear, we once did that to a friend of ours when she started talking about weird magic rings.

Well, we are happy to say, there is nothing weird about this magic ring. In fact, it is a technique you are going to want to know and only after you learn it, will you truly understand why it got the name it did.

When working in rounds, this technique is great because it doesn’t leave a hole in the center when tightened. Take a look as Paula from Crochet Hooks You demonstrates the Magic Ring in the following tutorial.

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