Have You Seen This Wavy Ridge Stitch? It’s A New Fave!

Take your crocheting to the next level with this stitch!

The chevron craze is in full swing, and while we love the huge chevron stripes in all their variations, sometimes it’s nice to just have a solid color project, don’t you think? This wavy ridge stitch is perfect for those who love chevron but don’t want to hassle with switching colors every couple of rows. The waves are stitched right into the pattern using the front post method of crocheting to create a unique and lovely texture! The video below takes the time to go through the pattern so we learn not only the stitch itself but how it looks in a pattern and how to replicate it later on. This is a great project for all of you intermediate crocheters out there or any novice crocheters on the hunt for a project that will take you to the next level! Go ahead and see what the wavy ridge stitch is all about!