These Elegant & Easy Watercolor Napkins Are The Perfect Touch To Any Table

watercolor napkins
If your family is anything like mine, hosting big family dinners is a huge deal. Everyone gets together once or twice a year, usually on Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Easter, and everything has to be perfect. My mom set the bar pretty high for epic table settings, with a centerpiece and napkins to match. Now that I’m finally old enough to host family members in my place, I am determined to carry on her tradition in style! These watercolor napkins are the perfect touch to any table setting. I’m thinking about making a set for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, just to be prepared!


– Plain white cloth napkins (100% cotton)

– Fabric paint

– Paintbrush

– Wax paper

– Water


Soak napkins in a bowl of water and ring out. They should be damp, but not soaking wet.

Lay flat on a piece of wax paper, to protect your working surface.

Mix water with the fabric paint to thin it out. Try 3 parts water to 1 part paint, and add more water if you want your color to be softer. You can also add rubbing alcohol if the paint is still too thick.

Apply paint to cloth napkin.

Mix second color, and paint on.

Mix third color, and paint on.

** It’s fun to experiment with different size stripes, or patterns for each color**

Hang to dry.

Use iron on “cotton” setting to “set” the fabric paint.

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