Have you ever crocheted with beads before? It’s actually really easy! While you could make almost anything, we show you how to crochet a fun beaded bracelet. I love these quick little crochet projects that can be completed in under 30 minutes! It’s a nice little breather from those big afghans or other long-term projects. Sometimes it’s nice to have options! Plus, who doesn’t want a cute bracelet to show off? Get the free pattern beneath the video!

In the video below, we walk you through the process of crocheting with beads. We use a worsted weight yarn and pony beads so that everything is easy to see. This makes a more chunky bracelet, but you can use seed beads and thread for a more delicate version! In the video, the blue bracelet is with yarn, and the white one we used embroidery floss. Check out the two different styles and see which one you like more! As you can see, we had fun making this video and modeling the finished product. Make sure to share your fun photos of the beaded crochet bracelet when you’re all done!


– Embroidery floss or yarn

– Seed beads or pony beads

– Crochet hook

– Lobster clasp & jump ring (optional)


** A note on sizing: 4 chains = ~ ½ inch. Measure and adjust pattern as necessary.**

1. Place beads on yarn, 6 per strand.

2. Make a slip knot on your hook, and leave a 10” tail for sewing on clasp. Chain 2, single crochet in second stitch from hook, chain 1, turn.

3. Row 2: 2 single crochet in stitch, chain 1, turn.

4. Row 3: 2 single crochet in each stitch, chain 1, turn (4 stitches total)

5. Row 4: Single crochet across. Turn. Chain 3.

6. Strand 1: Slide a bead down to your hook, chain 4. Repeat 6 times. Chain 3 more, turn, single crochet in second stitch from the hook and next stitch (beginning of new row). Chain 1.

7. Strand 2: Slide a bead down close to your hook, chain 4, repeat 6 times. Slide a bead down close to your hook, chain 2. Slip stitch into beaded strand 1. Chain 3.

8. Strand 3: Slide a bead down lose to hook, chain 4. Repeat 6 times. Slip stitch into beaded strand 2. Chain 2, single crochet into next 2 stitches. Chain 1.

9. Beaded strand 4: Same as strand 2.

10. Beaded strand 5: same as strad 3.

11. To finish: Ssingle crochet across (4 sc).

12. Work two single crochet decreases, chain 1, turn.

13. 1 single crochet decrease, chain 1, turn. Single crochet to finish, leaving a 10 inch tail.

(Optional step: Attatch clasps, weave in ends)