Need A New Project For The Workbench? Check Out These Stunning Chairs!

From reclaimed wood benches to skull chairs and even a driftwood throne – you guys have made some impressive seats! We love seeing all of the projects everyone is working on, and wanted to share a few of our favorite user submitted photos from the past few months. Check out these unique chairs your fellow craftsmen have been creating, and get inspired to start your next project!

What have you been working on? Share with us in the comments below!

Skull Chair

unique seats 1
From the craftsman, Geoff Metz: “I have made a lot of chairs in my time, but this one was so awesome to build!”

Impressive Rocker

unique seats 2
From the workbench of Ivailo Zlatka Borisovi.

Twisted Chair & Ottoman

unique seats 3
From the craftsman: “Made from twisted sticks found in our nearby woods.”

Whizzco for CRH