Missing The Garden? These Photos Will Help You Get Your Fix!

We sure have been missing those sunny afternoons in the garden! This winter seems particularly long and cruel, and just when we don’t think we can take it anymore, we remember that spring will be here in just a few weeks! We asked some of the most bountiful gardeners we know to share their photos with us to help us get through the next few weeks of drudgery until we can start planting again. That’s right, YOU GUYS, our audience, shared so many wonderful photos with us, we had to pass them along to everyone else! Without further ado, here are our favorite photos of gardens past to help us all hope for gardens future!

Beautiful Hollyhocks

flower 1
Simply stunning! Thanks for sharing, Dawn Ridings OMalley McGuire!

Annuals And Perennials

flower 2
This gorgeous garden comes from southern Minnesota. Thanks for sharing, Jack Faas!

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like… Springtime!

flower 3
From the talented Teresa Bohlman: I have over 5000 spring bulbs in my flower beds! From Oconto, WI.

Trees In Bloom

flower 4
From the talented Rodelin Palmer: This was taken in my back yard last year on March 19. It is my tulip tree with my nursery bathtub of baby hydrangeas. ❤ A Greener World.

Shasta Daisies

flower 5
Love these! Thanks for sharing, Debbie Pratt.

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