Crocheters everywhere struggle with the correct usage of the turning chain. Some patterns say to chain 3 (for a US double crochet) at the end of each row, turn, and continue with the double crochets down the row, counting the chain 3 as the first double crochet of the row. This keeps the pattern nice and even, and gives relatively straight edges, but you’ll notice in the picture above, the sample on the left has these gaps on the ends with the turning chains. This will not do. To fix the gap issue, some patterns say you should not count the chain 3 as the first double crochet. This helps with the gap but tends to make the edges bulge out, as you can see in the middle sample.

Is there some perfect combination of the two when we have no end gap, and no bowing edges? I’m so glad you asked! As we’ll learn in the video below, there is a technique to give you the best of both worlds. Watch the video to see exactly how it’s done!