How To Turn Your Kid Into A Transformer

This is the ULTIMATE diy Halloween costume, and it’s not for the faint of heart. This dad went all out for his adorable son on Halloween, and we love it! If you’re ambitious enough to try this out for yourself, there is a step by step tutorial in the slide show below, otherwise just sit back and enjoy the final product! So much planning and precision went into this project, but as you can see by the smiling face in the final photos, it was all worth it! Go ahead and get inspired to try this yourself, or at the very least appreciate the handy work of one dedicated daddy. If you’re short on time (and cash), check out these 12 kids costumes on a budget!

What’s the most elaborate costume you’ve ever made? Share some photos with us in the comments below!

Turning my son into a Transformer for Halloween

How incredible is this halloween costume?! Click through the above slide show to see the full instructions.

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