Looking For Your Next Project? These 12 Great Ideas Will Surely Inspire You!

We’re always looking for new and exciting projects, from king-sized quilts, to pot holders and everything in between! Who better to ask than the most talented quilters we know – YOU GUYS! That’s right, we asked our audience what they have been working on in hopes to get a little inspiration for our next project. Here are just a few of our faves! Thanks for sharing!

Hen Pot Holder

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From the talented Michele Jausoro: I made this hen potholder for my friend. It’s the 8th one completed. I didn’t have a pattern. Im thinking about putting together a tutorial on how to make them.

Sister’s Quilt

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Thanks for sharing your stunning work, Beverly J Lovely!


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Jocelyn Delk hopes to have 16 of these completed for her next project. Sounds like a labor of love!!

Twisted Bargello

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From the talented Teresa Harner: I finished the top several years ago. Just got it quilted.

Whizzco for CRH