Top 12 Crochet Tree Skirts Of The Year!

We’re all ready for Christmas at our house, the tree is up, and we even have a few presents starting to pile up! What we love most about this season is all of the handmade special touches that make everything feel so comfy and homey! What better way to dress up your Christmas space than with a crocheted tree skirt?! We asked you guys to share your photos of what’s under your tree, and you did not disappoint! Without further ado, here are the top 12 crochet tree skirts of the year:

Made To Order!

crochet tree skirt 11
From the talented Cora Morrison: I just finished this a week ago for my nephew’s wife….so love it that as soon as I finish with all my other projects, I want to make one for me!!!! Which might be a few more years lol.

Tunisian Crochet Skirt

crochet tree skirt 7
This is incredible, Melanie B. Dull!

Ruffled Spirals

crochet tree skirt 9
Thanks for sharing, Jenny Collier Eldridge!

Whizzco for CRH