The Worst Advice For Writer’s Block Ever

If you need a good laugh, this video is for you!

Are you wasting time surfing the internet when you should be writing your novel? That’s ok, me too. While you’re here, you might as well watch this video with some excellent advice on what to do and what not to do. Writing is all about finding inspiration, right? What better way to find inspiration than to watch a movie? Or do a load of laundry? Ok, full disclosure, this is coming from a comedy YouTube channel called, “terrible writing advice.” While the advice may not be the most sound, it is good to laugh every once in awhile!

Go ahead, take a breather from the pile of frustration waiting for you on that open word document, and laugh with us at this terrible writing advice. And, hey – at least you know you’re in good company when it comes to writer’s block! I mean, someone was experiencing it so bad, they took the time to make this video, right?