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The Reverse Single Crochet Seam Is A Great Way To Attach Your Pieces Together!

At some point in your crochet projects, you will come to a point where you have to join two separate pieces together. Now, it is not uncommon (especially as someone newer to crochet) to avoid these kinds of projects for awhile, but we are fairly certain that the day will come when you’re ready to branch out and suddenly you’re left momentarily stuck; this obviously requires a seam, and while there are many ways to crochet a seam, the reverse single crochet seam is one of our favorites! It creates a nice smooth seam on one side, and a wonderfully textured corded seam on the other. It is also a great way to finish off a project with a distinct edge. Check out the following video tutorial on how to crochet this seam, courtesy of New Stitch a Day!

What is your favorite way to attach pieces together? Let us know in the comments below!

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