The Most Popular Crafts By Decade

How many of these trendy DIY projects do you remember?

As long as there have been materials and creativity, crafts and DIY projects have been popular! Granted, a lot has changed throughout the years, and “DIY” can mean anything from building your own home to cross stitching. However, there are some noticeable trends throughout the decades.

It’s fun to see how the DIY and crafting community has changed throughout the years. In the 1910s it was all about woodworking and making fine objects like spinning tops of decorative boxes. Fast forward 50 years and it was all about latch hooking!

Do you remember any of these trends? A lot of these crafts are still popular today – like macrameĆ© projects of the 70s and friendship bracelets of the 90s. Some, however, have fallen by the wayside. Remember the bedazzling days of the 80s?

Go ahead and watch the video below to see the crafting and DIY trends throughout the decades. You might be surprised at what the current DIY trend is!