The Basics – How To Work A Triple Crochet Stitch!

Alright my fellow crochet-loving, hook-twirling, yarn-obsessed, friends; today, we are going back to basics!

Today’s tutorial is going to be perfect for our beginners, obviously, but also any of our more experienced crocheters who need a little bit of a refresh on their basic skills!

The triple crochet stitch, also known as the treble stitch, is the next basic stitch after the double crochet. It is used in patterns that call for a long stitch, as it creates larger openings between the stitches.

Check out the following tutorial from Expression Fiber Arts to learn how to do this stitch!

Have a friend who is new to crochet too or maybe someone who is looking to start? Be sure to share this post with them so they can learn the basics and join the rest of us in the wonder world of crochet!

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