You Might Be Surprised You Can Still Buy These “Vintage” Items New

6) Cone Lights

There’s just nothing quite like a vintage style of lamp. The cone shape and easy-to-find switch puts a lot of other modern lamps to shame. And this classic cone design just couldn’t be more space age!

5) Depression Glass

It’s no surprise that something as colorful and popular as Depression glass should still be in production. While full sets of the dishes can still be hard to come by, the accessory serving items, like butter dishes and candy bowls, are still being made.

4) Aluminum Tumblers

Those colored metal tumblers we thought we so cool as kids are still in production and look just as neat as when we were little. It’s funny how something so old in design can look so modern!

3) Princess Phones

If you always wanted a princess phone, but never got one then now might be your chance. The difference now, of course, is that this phone has push buttons instead of a true rotary dial. But, that’s probably no surprise to anyone.

2) Glass Grapes

Those fascinating clusters of acrylic or glass grapes in shocking colors were all the rage in the 1960s-70s. They’re still for sale, this time made from glass. You can still sometimes find them at antique shops, but they’re becoming harder to find.

1) Macramé Wall Hangings

If you never thought these macramé wall hangings would come back into fashion then you were quite incorrect! Of course you can make your own, but you can also buy them all ready to hang on the wall.

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