This Summer In The Park Quilt Is As Lovely As It Sounds (And Quite Simple Too)!

We’ve covered tube quilting in the past, and if you enjoyed that, then we’ve got a great project for you.

We have covered tube quilting here in the past, and if you enjoyed that, then it is your lucky day as we definitely have a great project for you: the Summer In The Park quilt! We just know you are going to love this one!

This pattern is so lovely and refreshing, and you can take it so many different ways (although we must admit, that we really enjoy using a white background fabric like they do in the video, as it makes the colors pop that much more).

Follow along as Natalie from the Missouri Star Quilt Company gives us a step-by-step guide to making this beautiful quilt.

When you have finished your quilt, be sure to take a few pictures and share them with us; we can not wait to see how gorgeous and summery your quilt is!