Spruce Up Your Desk or Shelf With These Adorable DIY Planters!

I have a confession: I. Love. Succulents. They are so tiny and adorable, plus they are super easy to take care of (win, win). So of course when I saw these cute little planters made from air dry clay, I had to try it out for myself. You can truly make any kind of planter with this clay – the instructional video below shows how to make a geo-patterned pot, but the full written instructions below provide a few ideas for some other shapes. Go crazy!

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– Air dry clay

– Craft paint

– Paint brush

– Succulents

– Kitchen knife


Knead and roll clay into a ball, big enough to hold the plant.

Press thumb down in center of ball making sure not to push all the way through. Leave about a ½ inch for the bottom of the planter.

Continue to form an opening in the clay ball, big enough to hold the plant.

For the “geometric” look, cut different angles off the side of the bowl.

For the “bubble” look, slice about an inch off of the top of the bowl, and use that scrap clay to form small spheres to layer and attach around the edge.

To attach pieces of the clay, first score each piece by make small cross hatch marks with the knife in the clay. Then wet each piece slightly, and press together.

Let everything dry 48 – 72 hours.

If you want a cleaner look, sand the edges and surfaces of the dry clay.

All that’s left is to paint your planters, and enjoy!

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