Want To Be Successful? Pick Up A Book.

Surround yourself with THIS and you will be successful.

Did you know that 75% of self-made millionaires read at least two books a month? Are they just smarter? Do they have more time on their hands? What value did they find in these books? It is the third question that speaks to the success of that individual.

Successful people often have a mentor, an individual who has positively influenced their own life and mindset, so much so that they’ve sought to emulate the mentor’s own successes.

In this video, we are asked to consider books as mentors. Like a mentor, a book can be thought-provoking, offer life experience, and inspire creativity.

It is human nature to surround ourselves with people who mirror our own interests. Ideally, these individuals are people who offer a positive influence. Why not also surround yourself with books that do the same? The next great idea, invention, or accomplishment may lie within.

Share in the comments some of the books that have inspired you!